Photographing children 8 years and younger



I decided recently to take on a couple of personal projects a year, somethings outside of the '8 years and under' category to keep my creative juices flowing, and to just help break up the norm.  

My first project was a lovely couple celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary, and less than a week later, my second personal project came to me under much more serious circumstances.  

This is Amanda and her daughter Abagail.  Amanda was just recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer.  Her close friend hired me to photograph her and her little girl as a gift.  I can't imagine the hard road that is ahead of this family that I just met, but I found out tonight via her FB page that she and I have a mutual friend...his name is Jesus.  He is my healer, and he is hers too.  

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, myself and Amanda ask that you pray for her.  I know she will be added to my daily conversations I have with my savior.  

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