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Wood.  One of the most abundant gifts from our creator.  

I've always been drawn to it, old wood typically.  The markings, color variation, wondering what it was years ago that made the scratches, the water stains, whose story it was that gave it the character that's in it.  My favorite places to buy wood made items are antique stores and salvage shops.  If it doesn't have at least 50 years age on it, I'm typically not interested in it...

My cousin Danny has a different desire.  Trees.  The source, the starting point of someone's story. It may be an old tree, even 50 years or more, but it's a blank slate.  A canvas waiting for a family to paint their memories, their stories.  What will cause their imprint on their hand crafted table, custom cabinet, their newborn baby cradle? 

If you're interested in having artful pieces made for your journey, consider 99 Timbers.  Make your mark and leave your story, then pass down that heirloom to your children, grandchildren, or even someone like me, 50-100 years from now grazing their fingers along the grain of your history at an antique store.  


This is an early peek into the new launch of Danny's website, will be up and running January 2018.

You can contact him now @ or call 304 228 9957.

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